Can You Freeze Cookie Dough? Yes, and Here’s The Best Way To Do it!

Freezing cookie dough is a fantastic way to keep a stash of your favourite treats on hand, ready to be baked into warm, gooey cookies at a moment's notice. And yes, you absolutely can freeze vegan cookie dough! In fact, it’s incredibly easy to do, and makes movie snacks always available…#priorities. Here’s your go-to guide for freezing cookie dough, with a spotlight on why our cookie dough might just be the smarter choice. 👀

Why Freeze Cookie Dough?

Freezing cookie dough not only extends its shelf life but also gives you the luxury of enjoying fresh-baked cookies anytime without the mess or hassle of starting from scratch (or the worry of not having any snacks around!). It’s perfect for meal planning, unexpected guests, or those late-night cookie cravings...

How to Freeze Cookie Dough

Step 1: Portion Your Dough

After preparing or purchasing your cookie dough, divide it into portions. We recommend using a cookie scoop or a spoon to make uniform balls.

Step 2: Flash Freeze

Place the portioned dough on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Make sure they’re not touching, then freeze them until solid, about 1-2 hours. This step prevents the dough balls from sticking together later on (trust us, this makes a huge difference!)

Step 3: Store Properly

Once solid, transfer the frozen dough portions into a freezer-safe bag or container. Squeeze out as much air as possible to prevent freezer burn and keep the flavours intact. Label the bag with the date, so you know when you froze them.

Step 4: Bake Directly from the Freezer

When ready to bake, you can cook the dough straight from the freezer—no thawing necessary. Just add a couple of extra minutes to the baking time mentioned in your recipe, or if you’re using our frozen cookie dough, just follow the directions on the tub.

The Advantage in Our Cookie Dough - What makes it better?!

While freezing cookie dough is a brilliant hack for any cookie lover, opting for vegan cookie dough offers great benefits, particularly when it comes to health and safety. Traditional cookie dough often contains raw eggs, posing a risk of salmonella and other food-borne illnesses. Our cookie dough, on the other hand, is made without eggs, reducing this risk significantly and making it safer to handle and to enjoy raw.

Our vegan cookie dough is also more inclusive, avoiding dairy and eggs, which are two common allergens. This makes it a friendlier choice for people with food sensitivities and means no one has to be left out! Oh, and it also happens to be MEGA delicious! Our mission at The Vegan Treatory has always been to make vegan treats mainstream and that means we have to make vegan treats that EVERYONE will enjoy, even the most skeptical. This means we worked really, really hard to create a recipe that tastes just as delicious as the cookie dough you would make at home…if not, more delicious! And we reckon our cookie dough hits the spot!

To wrap it up!

Whether you’re binging a new series in the comfort of your own room, or having a party with all your besties, by choosing our vegan cookie dough, you’re opting for a safer, more inclusive, and wayyyyy more delicious way to enjoy your favourite treats. So, why not grab a bundle of The Vegan Treatory’s assorted cookie dough flavours and dig in?! You can order online here and we'll ship it straight to your door, or pop in to your local Farro if you're in Auckland!